Everyday Heroes

I attended the State of the County speech yesterday by Commissioner David Pepper. What a nice event! While the financial state of the county is tenuous right now, it was nice to hear of all the great things that are happening in spite of the tough financial news. I personally know that many, many county workers are putting aside apprehension over their own personal situations and working very hard on serving the people of this county, and I find that admirable.

We also had one of our Everyday Heroes foster parents recognized by Commissioner Pepper. Cheryl Unzueta, of Wyoming, became licensed late last year after hearing a presentation at her office, Fifth Third Bank, as part of the Everyday Heroes campaign. Ms. Unzueta, who has three children of her own, ages 6,8 and 10, is eagerly awaiting her first foster placement. She thought about foster parenting for five years and finally signed up with Lighthouse Youth Services when she heard the Everyday Heroes call.

We touched 19,000 children in this county last year. Approximately 850 children are in foster care each day in this county. Without people like Ms. Unzueta, we could not pull this off. She and all of the other foster parents in this county truly are heroes!

by Jim Tinker

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