A child with special needs gets a mom who will meet them

Karabeth Bolin spent time in foster care growing up and knew she wanted to provide other such children with homes.

On Thursday, in a packed Hamilton County courtroom, she officially became the parent of Kaden and Kaiel, two-year-olds she has been fostering since just after they were born. They twins turn 3 in July. They join their younger sister Ellen, whom Karabeth adopted in late 2016.

Kaden and Kaiel are energetic toddlers, but Kaiel will face additional challenges growing up. He has a genetic disorder that will cause developmental disabilities. Karabeth, with the support of her partner Kristine Baker, is aware of the challenges and ready to face them.

Karabeth’s approach is positive, but not naive. When asked what his disability means, she says, “It means he will grow up to be a wonderful loving boy.”

Whatever that entails, she is ready to provide it. She has left her previous employment to be able to work at home. She has a large network of family and friends. They filled the courtroom to capacity. And she has gotten familiar with the doctors who care for him.

When she learned about his condition she spent hours at Children’s hospital, researched the condition and joined support groups.
“We have a very structured routine, and we are consistent with our day to day, which keeps Kai at a positive place. That’s where Kai thrives. I am able and more than willing to continue that consistent path,” she said, adding that Kai is doing better than most children with his condition. Her other children are learning that Kai needs patience and support. “They are his biggest cheerleaders,” she said.

And Karabeth is in it for the long haul. “He will be with us the rest of our life. We are set up for this.”
He will start pre-kindergarten in the fall to work on social interaction skills.

With such a big challenge ahead of her, it would be understandable to be worried. But Karabeth is not.
“I am so incredibly blessed,” she said.

by Ashley Woods

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