A Family Reunited!

“Like a glove.”

That’s how adoptive grandmother Addie Jones said her grandson fits into their family nowadays.

Hamilton County Magistrate Rogena Stargel last week granted the adoption of Zion Boone-Jones, 15, to adoptive grandparents Addie and Nathaniel Jones.

Addie has been visiting with Zion since he was born. Due to his severe needs as a kid, the Jones’ had been unable to take him into their care right away and viewed his placement in foster care to be for the best.

Danielle Varisco (left) joins Zion, Addie and Nathaniel Jones after the adoption for a photo.
Danielle Varisco (left) joins Zion, Addie and Nathaniel Jones after the adoption for a photo.

“We took in Journi, but due to work and his 24-hour care we could not take him. My husband and I are retired now, so we feel that we can give Zion the home he needs,” Addie said during the adoption ceremony.

Last August, Zion came to live with Addie and Nathaniel and everyone saw a noticeable improvement in his behavior. He started interacting with his family members, he acknowledged their presence – all big feats for a non-verbal teenager.

Addie said, “He goes in and he watches TV with Nathaniel, they watch their programs. It’s wonderful.”

HCJFS Adoption Worker Danielle Varisco, who has been working with Zion for 3 years, says she’s never seen him so excited.

“I visited with him at Necco and he seemed happy. But once he was placed with his family, I actually saw him happy.”

Brothers Montel, Tyrel, and sister Journi Boone supported the adoption of Zion wholeheartedly.

“We go out and try to see him every week or every couple weeks. He’s our brother and we love him,” Tyrel said.

Zion attends Winton Woods High School, but during the summer Addie has enrolled him in the Stepping Stones Summer Camp program which caters to the needs of children and teenagers with developmental disabilities. This gives him the independence he needs to grow and participate in his community.

by Jane Prendergast

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