A phone number that never changes

google_voice_11x17_vert 8People often turn to the services that Hamilton County Job & Family Services provides when they are facing change and turmoil in their lives.  Sometimes when we try to reach out to them, we find that the phone number they gave us has changed, or the people at that number don’t know how to reach them.

A new initiative called Cincy Voice is using the free Google Voice service to address the problem. By spreading the word about the service and offering sign up assistance through the downtown public library, Cincy Voice is helping those whose lives are in transition.

Google Voice allows someone to claim a local phone number and have it forwarded to any other phone number and send messages to an email account. The account is accessible from any internet-connected device. If someone’s home number changes, they can update the Google Voice account to send calls to that number. The Google Voice number remains consistent and never changes.

If you have been hard to reach because your phone number keeps changing, visit  voice.google.com or the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County’s main branch at 800 Vine Street to sign up for this service.  Visit CincyVoice.org to learn more.

by Ashley Woods

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