Adoption Day: Annabella’s parents are over the moon

Annabella will be one of 14 kids adopted on Friday as part of our commemoration of National Adoption Month. But she has even a loftier goal in mind – she plans to become a princess.

Annabella is 5 and she’ll be adopted by her aunt and uncle, Jennifer and Jeremy Kihnke. They are “over the moon,” her aunt says.

She’s a little girl who is very theatrical. She loves to dance and act out her favorite scenes from movies. She loves Disney princess movies, of course, and wants to dress like JoJo Siwa every day.

The Kihnkes are grateful for the smooth transition they found when Annabella transferred to them from a foster home. “She never once seemed uncomfortable being here and just hopped right into our routines,” Jennifer Kihnke said. “We were truly blessed with how well the transition went.”

Annabella joins two children already in the home and two other foster children living there. They all love Friday family movie nights.

While the adoption took time, Mrs. Kihnke said the love was immediate.

“The moment Annabella walked in the door the love we felt for her consumed us,” she said. “She was one of the missing pieces to our puzzle. There has not been one moment since we first opened that front door that we have not thanked God for bringing this amazing little girl into our lives.”

They’re planning a small celebration on Friday, but a huge one later on for everyone who has been a part of this journey to bring Annabella home.

by Ashley Woods

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