Anniversary Worth Noting

Ten years ago this year, a group of entities focused on child abuse and its victims came together and created a first-of-its kind operation at Children’s Hospital Medical Center that today includes state-of-the-art diagnostic treatment, prevention and training programs and cutting-edge research in the field of child sexual abuse, child physical abuse, child neglect and parenting. It is an anniversary I am happy to celebrate.

The Mayerson Center for Safe and Healthy Children at Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center was originally designed to coordinate child sex abuse investigations and to make life easier for the victims. All of the entities involved in the investigation would be in one place, making it easier to share information. Children would only have to undergo one interview.

But the center has expanded tremendously since then, including moving to cover all child abuse, not just sex abuse. And the commitment and collaboration from all parties has turned it into a one-stop shop for all child abuse prevention, treatment and research. Countless children in this community have been helped by the center, and it has become a model for other communities to copy.

The Mayerson Center staff includes officers from both the Cincinnati Police Department and the Hamilton County Sheriffs Office, Job and Family Services workers, a victim advocate from the Hamilton County Prosecutors Office, and Cincinnati Childrens staff of physicians, nurses and social workers. We are very proud to be a part of this collaboration and extremely happy with the cooperation and coordination shared by the groups.

Happy anniversary Mayerson!

by Jim Tinker

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