Annual Report Released

Hundreds of thousands of Hamilton County residents seek our services every year. These 2014 numbers help put the work in perspective.

  • One in 3 Hamilton County residents – at least 242,700 – was involved in a Child Support case.
  • One in 4 residents – 183,645 – received health care assistance.
  • One in 6 residents – 133,154 – received food assistance.
  • One in 11 children – 16,101 – was involved with Children’s Services.
  • One in 31 residents – 25,820 – participated in a workforce development program.
  • One in 55 residents – 14,599 – received cash assistance.
  • One in 7children – 24,803 – received child care assistance monthly.
  • One in 226 elderly residents – 536 – was involved with Adult Protective Services.

Learn more in our Annual Report.

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by Ashley Woods

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