Author and actor donates books and toys to foster kids

Brandon T. Snider

New York-based author and actor Brandon T. Snider was back in his hometown of Cincinnati recently when a video of a child in foster care caught his eye.

“Makayla had such a bright, curious spirit. She was bursting with energy and, when she said she loved to read, I knew I had to give her a book,” Snider said.

He sent her a personalized, autographed copy of a chapter book about Wonder Woman.

Snider has written books for Marvel, DC Comics and Cartoon Network. “A lot of my work is aimed at younger readers and I think it’s really important to present kids with positive, inspirational themes,” he said.

“Wonder Woman felt like the right choice since she’s a solid role model for young girls, Snider said. “I hope Wonder Woman’s heroism and spirit empowers Makayla the way it’s inspired me.”

But Snider didn’t stop with one book.

He contacted a colleague at Random House Children’s Books who sent a big box of books weighing more than 45 pounds.

He also contacted Frederick Joseph, who organized We Have Stories to promote diverse and inclusive media and stories. The group then donated some Black Panther toys for kids in foster care..

Snider thinks that helping kids find homes is important.

“There are so many kids that need stable, loving homes,” he said. “While I myself am unable to adopt, that doesn’t mean I’m unable to give and share resources and I encourage others to do the same.”

by Ashley Woods

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