Child Care Forum Well Attended

Last night, we held a forum with our child care providers to help them receive information about upcoming state changes. It was incredibly well attended, with more than 500 people in the crowd. I am extremely grateful we have such a caring group of providers who want to make sure they have the information they need to continue providing quality care to our county’s children.

We invited a representative from the state of Ohio, which is enacting the changes, as well as a representative from the American Federation of State and County Employees. Child care providers recently became part of this union, and many needed more information about that.

Overall, the meeting went well. Understandably, there was concern about the unknown. But it was nice to improve the dialogue. To my knowledge, no other county in the state is going this far to communicate the changes to the providers. We hope it was helpful.

For those who could not attend, or those who need more information, we have created a special section on our Web site,, where we are aggregating information on the changes.

by Jim Tinker

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