Please use the following information to contact us about child care.

Call Us

Child Care Services: (513) 946-1800

TDD Telephone line: (513) 946-1295

Fax: (513) 946-1830

E-mail General Inquiries:

E-mail Manual Claims/Pay Adjustments:

Get Help With Your ECC Card

Ohio ECC Caretaker (Parent) Help Line: 1-888-796-4322

File a Provider Complaint

If you believe a provider has broken the rules, or you have a complaint, please contact the following:

For Child Care Centers or Type A Homes: 1-877-302-2347

For School Based Programs Licensed by ODE: (513) 874-1771

For Child Care Home Providers: (513) 946-1800

Please use the Child Care Connections form, and not this form, to add or modify your child care provider.

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