Ohio Provider Web (PWeb)

Visit www.eccproviderweb.ohio.gov to:

  • Review payment information and status
  • Review Ohio ECC POS device transactions
  • Check the status of a child’s authorization

Ohio Child Care Help Desk

Call 1-877-302-2347 option 1 to:

  • Ask questions about your payment
  • Inquire about the Ohio Child Licensing and Quality System (OCLQS) and your profile/access

Ohio Child Care EEC Provider Help Line

Call 1-888-516-4776 to:

  • Troubleshoot issue with your Ohio ECC POS device or caretaker (parent) transactions
  • Speak to a customer service representative


Visit www.hcjfs.org/services/child-care-providers/ to:

  • Learn about Child Care and how to apply to be a Family Child Care provider
  • Check current processing status updates for new cases or recent authorization request
  • Complete a Child Care Connection
  • Find common forms
  • Find a payment schedule

Hamilton County Child Care Fax Number

Fax documents to (513) 946-1830 (keep fax receipt).  Documents can also be scanned to HCJFS from any Hamilton County library branch.  Please clearly indicate your name and provider ID on all documents.

Note: All documents required to maintain licensure must be uploaded to your program in OCLQS.

Hamilton County Child Care Email

Other Questions

For other inquires

  • Call (513) 946-1800