Delinquent Parents can Reinstate Driving Privileges, Cancel Warrants, Find Jobs With August Child Support Amnesty

Hamilton County Job and Family Services has many activities planned for Child Support Awareness month, including the opportunity for delinquent parents to get back on the right track with employment and reinstatement of driving and professional privileges.

Delinquent parents who want to take advantage of an amnesty offer can have their driver’s license or professional license reinstated by paying a portion of their total child support obligation and reporting their employment so their wages can be garnished. For those who are unemployed, the agency is hosting a special job fair to help them find employment.

The agency is also offering amnesty to those who have warrants out for failure to pay child support, if they meet certain criteria.

To determine if you qualify for either license reinstatement or warrant amnesty, please call 946-7387.

“We have a variety of offers aimed at re-establishing payment so a child can receive the support they need,” said Moira Weir, direct of the Hamilton County JFS. “Each will depend on your individual situation, so please call for details. We realize it is in the best interests of the child to have a parent working and paying child support, so we are willing to work with those who make an effort.”

All parents who participate in amnesty will sign a license-reinstatement agreement committing them to staying on track with child support payments.

In addition to offering amnesty, the agency is celebrating Child Support Month by asking the public to wear green Aug. 3 in support of a child’s right to financial support. This is a statewide effort to raise awareness around child support. Please share your photos at,, and

The Department’s Child Support Enforcement Agency handles about 78,500 cases a year involving more than 250,000 county residents. Last year, it collected $129 million for families that might not otherwise have had the financial support necessary to pay for such items as food, medical care, child care, school clothes and school supplies. Many of the children without child support turn to public assistance, with taxpayers providing financial support.

Here is the schedule of events for Child Support Awareness Month:

Aug. 1-31

7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.: License Amnesty Month, Hamilton County Job and Family Services, 222 E. Central Parkway, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202.

Aug. 3

10 a.m. to 2 p.m.: hiring event at the OhioMeansJobs Center, 1916 Central Parkway, Cincinnati, Ohio 45214

11 a.m. to noon: Re-entry/record expungement session at the OhioMeansJobs Center

All day: Wear Green in support of Awareness Month

Aug. 8-12

9 a.m. to 2 p.m.: Warrant Amnesty Week at Hamilton County Juvenile and Domestic Relations courts, 800 Broadway, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

by Ashley Woods

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