Delinquent Parents can Reinstate Driving Privileges with Child Support Amnesty

Hamilton County Job and Family Services will provide amnesty throughout  the month of August 2015 to parents whose driver’s licenses have been suspended for not paying child support.

NOTE: This program has been extended through September 2015

Delinquent parents who want to take advantage of this offer can have their driver’s license or professional license reinstated by paying one month of their total child support obligation and reporting their employment so their wages can be garnished. All parents will sign a license-reinstatement agreement committing them to staying on track with child support payments.

State law grants the agency the authority to suspend the licenses of delinquent parents when support has not been fully paid for 90 days. This is usually a last resort after many attempts to get the parent to cooperate on paying the support.

“It is in the child’s best interest to have the parent working regularly and providing support, so suspending a license is never a good option,” said Moira Weir, director of Hamilton County JFS. “We do everything we can to work with the parent and amnesty month is just another chance to re-establish that working relationship. All you have to do is call. In fact, if you are struggling with any aspect of child support, please give us a call and we will work with you. Don’t wait until your license is suspended or you are subject to civil contempt or an arrest warrant.”

The Department’s Child Support Enforcement Agency handles about 85,000 cases a year involving more than 250,000 county residents.  Last year, it collected $129 million for families that might not otherwise have had the financial support necessary to pay for such items as food, medical care, child care, school clothes and school supplies. Many of the children without child support turn to public assistance, with taxpayers providing financial support.

Hamilton County Child Support uses a variety of tools to collect child support, including intercepting tax returns, denying passports, freezing and seizing funds from bank accounts, and suspending drivers’ and professional licenses.

In addition to offering amnesty, the agency is celebrating Child Support Month by asking the public to wear green Aug. 5 in support of a child’s right to financial support. This is a statewide effort to raise awareness around child support. Please share your photos at,, and


by Jane Prendergast

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