Direct Plea Generates Interest for Jason

Weir2010Sometimes a heartfelt plea really does work.

We were at our wit’s end about Jason. This tremendous young man was not drawing any interest when it came to adoption. Despite his great desire for a family, we couldn’t get traction when we distributed his profile in a variety of ways.

So we decided to just come right out and say it: What can we do to help this 13-year-old boy find a family? Why isn’t he drawing interest? Will YOU help us.

Here’s what we wrote:

Jason, 13
Jason, 13

The results were fantastic. The post was shared 156 times on Facebook, with more than 18,000 views. More than 4,000 people clicked through to the HCJFS page containing his information. We have been contacted by a few people who have serious interest, and we are hoping one of those turns into a family for Jason.

Thank you, Hamilton County and beyond. You have helped us and you have helped Jason.



by Jim Tinker

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