Economy Takes Toll on Child Support

We recently noticed some interesting statistics on child support collection. Collections are tracking at about four percent behind what they were two years ago. That could mean significantly less for Hamilton County children this year.

In 2007 and 2008, we collected about 65 percent of the dollars owed in child support. This is pretty consistent with what we know: about two third of parents want to do everything they can to support their children and faithfully pay what the courts order.

In 2009, that percentage dropped to 63 percent. This year, it is tracking at about 61 percent.

We collect about $150 million annually. A 4 percent drop would amount to about $6 million less for the children of Hamilton County.

And our collections are only where they are because of unemployment compensation. While still a small percentage of our overall collections, we have collected about 168 percent more from unemployment payments than we did the previous year. If those unemployed parents did not receive that money, those children would not receive their support.

This is just another example of the effects of our economy.

by Jim Tinker

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