Fund Launched to Assist Families and Children Served by Hamilton County Job and Family Services

Cincinnati (Feb. 13, 2015) Hamilton County Job and Family Services now has a way to help foster children make college visits, provide toiletries or toys to abused children and aid low-income families with needs beyond job assistance, food and medical care.

Hamilton County’s Board of County Commissioners recently approved the FAMILY (Friends and Advocates Making Investments in Local Youth) Fund to help the agency cover expenses that are either not permitted under state and federal programs financed by taxpayer contributions or for which there are limited funds.

For example, the agency might not have funds to cover a foster child’s expenses to participate in an after-school sport, wear a cap and gown to graduation or take a trip to visit a college. If that child graduates and finds a good job, that agency cannot help pay for a car or car insurance to see that he or she makes it to that job.

Now, the FAMILY Fund gives local residents a way to make tax-free donations to assist in paying for these types of expenses.

“I think everyone would agree these types of expenses are important and integral to any child having a normal experience in life,” said Hamilton County Commissioner Chris Monzel. “These children come from tough situations; we want to make their lives easier, not harder. We have found a way to help without adding to the taxpayer burden.”

JFS has traditionally declined monetary donations because it is a government agency, but has informally accepted other types of donations, such as toys at the holidays or gift cards for foster children who graduate. The FAMILY Fund now allows the agency to accept cash donations.

Similar capabilities exist in other counties.For example, Montgomery County has FLOC (For the Love of Children) and Franklin County has a Citizens Advisory Committee’s Children’s Fund.

A board of community members will oversee the fund, following bylaws that have been established to be compliant with state law. 

“JFS frequently receives inquiries from members of the public as to how they might help some of the families and children served by our agency,” said Moira Weir, director of JFS. “Whether it be a family in need during the holidays or a foster child attempting to make the transition to adulthood, there are many good people who would like the option of making donations. We are excited they now have that option. It will open up new doors for our children.” 

For more information, visit To make a donation today, send to FAMILY Fund, c/o Brian Gregg, 222 E. Central Parkway, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202.


About Hamilton County Job and Family Services

Hamilton County Job and Family Services administers federal, state and local programs for those in need. The Department helps with local child protection, elderly protection, child care, child support enforcement, workforce development, cash assistance, food assistance and Medicaid disbursement. Servicing Hamilton County since 1947, the Department helps hundreds of thousands each year and is accredited by the Council on Accreditation, an international, independent, not-for-profit child and family service accrediting organization.

by Jane Prendergast

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