Great Discussion on Child Welfare

I want to thank Attorney General Dewine for inviting me today and for offering to host an important discussion on Ohio’s child welfare system. It is always great to get together with those who work in this field and discuss how we might improve things for the children we serve. Mr. Dewine has been a great advocate for children for many years and I appreciate his work on behalf of Ohio’s children and families.

 The child welfare system in this region has great cooperation and great partnerships. I treasure the workign relationships we have with so many in this community, including Juvenile Court, Pro Kids and the Guardian Ad Litem unit of the Public Defender’s Office. We also work very well with schools, hospitals, churches and providers. 

Do we have our challenges? Yes. But we are always working toward a fail-safe system. There is never closure when a child dies. There are always lessons to be learned and improvements. The goal never waivers – safety for every child. Just as Attorney General Dewine stipulated in the Safe Families Act of 1997.


by Jim Tinker

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