Hamilton County Highlights Child Available for Adoption

William A young man who loves animals and would like to be a veterinarian one day is March’s Waiting Child at Hamilton County Job and Family Services.

William, 13, adores dogs and cats and wants a pet of his own. This intelligent and courteous young
man enjoys rap and R&B music and watching High School Musical movies. He describes himself as
a friendly and creative kid, two attributes that makes him successful in school. William likes science class and receives solid B’s and C’s in his courses. After school, he likes to play video games, ride his bike or head to the mall. This social and energetic kid also loves going to the skating rink to hang out with friends and skate to the music.

William says he would like a big family that is involved in many different activities. He wants to take vacations with his family; preferably to California and swim in the ocean. A family that will indulge in pizza and chicken wings on occasion would also be a plus in his eyes. William needs a patient and loving family that will stay active with him and treat him with respect and understanding.

Hamilton County is spotlighting some of the children it has available for adoption with monthly releases to local media.

“We’re looking at innovative ways of getting our children before the public so we can find them safe, loving homes,” said Moira Weir, director of the department. “Every child deserves a permanent home and we know there are hundreds of loving families throughout this community that would be willing to open up their doors and their hearts to our children.”

Hamilton County currently has about 190 children available for adoption. The county’s Children’s Services Division often must take custody of children who are the victims of abuse or neglect and cannot be safely reunited with their families. Those interested in adopting can learn more at www.hckids.org or by calling (513) 632-6366 or e-mailing adoption@jfs.hamilton-co.org. Also, follow Hamilton County JFS Foster Care and Adoption recruitment on Facebook!

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