HCJFS featured in video for Ohio Benefits award

A production team was in our building this week to prepare a video about Ohio Benefits’ efforts to improve the delivery of human services in Ohio. 

The efforts have earned a 2018 Recognition Award for Excellence from the Information Technology Solutions Management for Human Services (ISM), a section of the American Public Human Services Association. The award recognizes and promotes excellence in human services information technology at its annual national conference.

Chief Operating Officer Tim McCartney and FAA Eligibility Technician Vrai Marrow were interviewed about the programs implemented in Hamilton County. 

The award ceremony will feature a three-minute video on Ohio Benefits for more than 1,000 attendees representing local, state, federal agencies and private sector from 50 states, Washington, D.C., British Columbia and the United Kingdom. While the specific award is meant to recognize Ohio Benefits’ recent successful SNAP/TANF implementation of County Shared Services, including the Enterprise Contact Center, Interactive Voice Response and Enterprise Document Management System, this video will highlight the State of Ohio’s overall investment in transforming the way human services are delivered in Ohio.

Hamilton County Job and Family Services is one of four pilot counties where consumers can call an enterprise contact center number, (844) 640-6446, to hear a summary of their Medicaid, SNAP, or OWF benefits and sign up to receive the summary by text message. This new process will be evaluated and after a brief assessment be available to all 88 counties.

The Ohio Department of Administrative Services and the Ohio Benefits project deployed two pilot process automation in Hamilton County. The automation, referred to as the “Baby Bot”, has not only produced time savings for county workers, but moreover, it has dramatically reduced the processing time required to enroll newborns in Medicaid in Hamilton County.  The “Baby Bot” is designed to seamlessly receive newborn information from the five Managed Care Plans, add the newborn to their mother’s Medicaid case, generate a Medicaid billing number, and then send this information back to the appropriate Managed Care Plan.

The “Baby Bot” joins the previously deployed “Disability Onset Alert Bot,” named Jeanne,as the project’s two pilot process automations that are focused on reducing the county’s administrative burden so they can focus on higher value and impact activities through the creative use of technology.

With the successful deployment of the “Baby Bot,” and the “Disability Onset Alert Bot,” the Ohio Benefits team will focus their efforts on the statewide expansion of these two pilot automations and the identification of additional opportunities to support caseworkers within the Ohio Benefits system.

by Ashley Woods

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