Help Available for Parents at End of Rope

Weir2010I was glad to help on this story by The Cincinnati Enquirer‘s Krista Ramsey, but I realize it is a tough thing for most to swallow. What parent would give up on raising their own child?

Sometimes the motives are sinister, but mostly it is because that parent is at the end of their rope. We can help before they get there. There are services available and we can help parents connect and pay for those services. The idea is to intervene before anyone gets in a situation where they feel so overwhelmed they can’t go on.

Sometimes, parents just need a break. If you find yourself or someone you know in this situation, please reach out. The best assistance can come from someone close.

But if you need us, we are only a phone call away. If you are really at the end of your rope, please call 241-KIDS.






by Jim Tinker

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