Helping people better understand our role

Weir2010In yesterday’s live chat about Medicaid, food assistance and cash assistance, we received a number of good questions from people who may be accessing services for the first time.

Some seemed confused about the difference between unemployment compensation and cash assistance.

Others had been laid off, receiving unemployment and food stamps, and inquiring if they might qualify for other help.

I’m glad we were able to offer answers as they work through challenging times.

Just to clarify, the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services handles unemployment compensation. You can find out more here:

Our agency, the Hamilton County Department of Job and Family Services, is where people come to apply for food assistance (formerly food stamps), Medicaid and cash assistance (Ohio Works First, or OWF). You can find out more about OWF — Ohio’s version of the federal Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) here:

Another helpful resource is the Online Service Center on our website ( It has applications and online calculators to help people determine if they might qualify for food assistance, Medicaid or cash assistance:

We’re glad to answer questions like those asked this week. Please continue to participate in our live online chats. Read transcripts or previous chats. This will help you better understand our programs and how to access them.

by Jim Tinker

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