To create and sustain community consciousness, conversation and action on the needs and aspirations of fathers and their role in the development of healthy children and families.


A community that openly and enthusiastically supports fathers as unique assets to thriving children, families and communities.

The Fatherhood Collaborative of Hamilton County welcomes fathers, family-serving programs, organizations, institutions and agencies, businesses, civic groups, governments, health care organizations  business, civic, arts, government, healthcare, education, faith-based, legal and all others who have an interest or a stake in the well-being of Hamilton County’s dads.

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person – he believed in me.”  — Jim Valvano





We have become aware of false information being circulated on social media about Hamilton County Job and Family Services and Talbert House hosting an event and giving away money. There is no such event. We are investigating the source of the information.

JFS does, however, want to help with pandemic relief. We have several programs to do so that are featured with our partners at www.513Relief.org.