Job Seekers Seem to Have Attitude Change

We held another live chat today about services for job-seekers and employers. Interesting to see a change in the way people are dealing with the unfortunate economy. We detected an attitude of determination — versus the desperation of a few months ago — in the one-hour forum on

Pragmatic questions such as these dominated the chat with Kevin Holt of Workforce Development and Sheila Roth of the Super Jobs Center:

“Besides former employers, who else would be effective/appropriate to list as references?”

“Is it good to have a cover letter?”

“How effective are job fairs?”

“How long should I wait before I check on an application?”

“With having so many people out of work right now and competing for the same jobs, do you have any suggestions on how to make YOUR resume stand out among the rest?”

“It seems that every area of the country has its own work sectors that are still doing a lot of hiring even in this recession. What are those sectors here in Hamilton County?”

Altogether, 25 people asked 30 questions. Kevin and Sheila gave answers that hopefully will help these determined people find work.

For a transcript of the chat, please click here:

by Jim Tinker

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