June’s Story: Compassionate Customer Service

We have been stressing providing better customer service at our agency for much of the past year. All employees have gone through a customer service class, and it has been the focus of much communication from management.

Providing good customer service isn’t hard to do. It starts with being nice and responsive to people who need your help. I am proud to say many of our employees provide outstanding service to Hamilton County residents.

Latasha Rosich is one. She recently helped a grandmother whose daughter died unexpectedly, leaving the grandmother to raise her young grandson. The grieving woman had to deal with our agency over a child support issue, and she didn’t have much information. She turned to Latasha for help, and the results were exactly what she hoped. I am so grateful to have Latasha and other employees who take their job seriously and care about their customers.

Please click on the link below to see a short video about June’s situation and how Latasha made her life a little bit easier. The woman speaks from the heart, even tearing up at times. I am proud that our agency was able to help her in her time of need.


by Jim Tinker

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