Kailyn makes it official

Kailyn Schramm joined Paul and Jamie Schramm’s family three years ago as a foster child. On Monday, in Hamilton County Probate Court, they officially became forever family members.

In hearing lasting about 20 minutes, Magistrate Kendal M. Coes asked Kailyn and her parents a few questions. Kailyn, who turns 14 in September, said she was excited. Jamie Schramm said family means doing whatever is needed for your children. Paul Schramm said it means preparing your children to succeed and instilling good values in them.

Jamie’s parents told the magistrate that the Schramm’s will make good parents and that Kailyn is part of a wonderful extended family. Kailyn’s sister Tabatha, 11, said theirs is a fun family, which also includes younger brother Elijah, 9.

After the hearing Kailyn was all smiles, sharing hugs and smiles with her moms. Jamie said she and Paul have been foster parents for eight or nine years. “We love children,” she said.

“I feel good that she has a mom and dad and forever family, Paul said. “We can give love and help these girls be successful.”

by Ashley Woods

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