Keeping Good Company

Cincy Magazine has named me a finalist for the Athena Award and I am very honored to be in the company of a great group of women who have been recognized for their professional excellence. 

The award recognizes women who have “achieved professional excellence, given back to their communities and created leadership opportunities for other women in the Tristate.” I am grateful to be among the chosen, some of whom I have worked with in the past. Here’s the official list:

  • Debbie Bowman, CFO & COO, Cincinnati Art Museum
  • Karen Mueller, Executive Vice President, HORAN
  • Barb Rinto, Director, University of Cincinnati Women’s Center
  • Zeinab Schwen, Founder and President, Strategic Regulatory Consulting
  • Dr. Tracey Skale, Chief Medical Officer, Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services
  • Marjorie Solomon, Director, Ohio River Valley Women’s Business Council
  • Litsa Spanos, President and Owner, Art Design Consultants, Inc.
  • Elaine Suess, President, Beyondbeing LLC
  • Charlene Ventura, President and CEO, YWCA of Greater Cincinnati
  • Moira Weir, Director, Hamilton County Job & Family Services
  • Rebecca Wilber, Owner, CTI Restaurants

Many of the families we help here at Job and Family Services are headed by single mothers. Whether we are helping them collect their child support, providing them child care assistance so they can go to work or helping them find a job that will lead to a more successful life, I believe the work we are doing puts them all in a better place.

More than twenty years ago, I became a Big Sister to a Delaware teenager. That experience led me to leave a career in business to pursue my social work degree and help people who are struggling. I am proud to still be doing that work today.

Each of the finalists — in their own way — is making this community a better place to live. That is a great team to be on! 



by Jim Tinker

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