Making the Holidays a Littler Brighter

The holiday season can be a lonely time for those without family, including foster children. Thanksgiving dinners and holiday parties can be reminders of better times or simply family that is now missing. 

We try to do our best to help our children who may feel alone during these times.

Tomorrow, we will work with the Foster Care Alumni Association’s Ohio Chapter to host a Thanksgiving feast for our older foster youth and those who have aged out of our system.

These young people often don’t have the comfort of family and this provides the chance for fellowship and a good meal. The People’s Church in Clifton has graciously provided the space and Lisa Dickson of the Alumni Association has done a lot to make this happen. We expect more than 50 children to attend.

We also host a holiday party in December for our children who are awating adoption. Each child receives a gift, and there is food, music, games and other entertainment to make for an all around enjoyable evening. Their smiles are precious.

Xerox and the Coalition of Care help us with this event. We are grateful to all those in the community who help us make the holidays a little brighter for our children.




by Jim Tinker

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