Meet Abbey Turner

The world needs more Abbey Turners.

The Children’s Services caseworker arrived at work every day for weeks by 6 a.m. – to drive one of her clients to methadone treatment. The client is a mom working to get her kids back and she needed to do the treatment program in order to stay on track toward that goal.

Transportation was not Turner’s responsibility, but she “wanted to make sure (the mother) had the opportunity to engage in the service,” she said, “to give her every chance to do what she needs to in order to reunify with the kids.”

Turner said the daily trips also helped her build a rapport with the mom and gave the two of them time to talk more extensively about the kids and services the family needs.

We are grateful for caseworkers like this who show extra effort and dedication. Turner won an agency ROCK STAR award for her selflessness and sacrifice.

by Jane Prendergast

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