New Way to Check on Child Support Cases

We have about 90,000 child support cases in Hamilton County. Each case accounts for two parents and at least one child, so at any given time, at least 270,000 people are involved in child support cases. Many cases have more than one child, so it is safe to say that number exceeds 300,000. In a county of 825,000, that is more than a third of all people.

Among the most common calls we receive at our agency are from parents attempting to check the status of child support payments. I am happy to announce we now have a way for everyone to check their status online.

The state of Ohio has launched a new Web portal for custodial and non-custodial parents to access child support case information, payment history, payment status and more.

This is great. Not only will it provide the consumer the information they need at the click of a mouse, it will take pressure off our busy phone lines and caseworkers. It is a win-win!

Here’s the link:

by Jim Tinker

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