OMJ helps woman get settled in Cincinnati

In the middle of April, a  woman came into the OhioMeansJobs center seeking assistance. She explained that she had just come from South Carolina with $25 in her pocket and was currently staying with a friend. She was very distraught and explained that she had left her son with relatives until she could get settled in Cincinnati. She was attempting to stay at a local shelter, but could not be admitted without an ID. She was directed to the Freestore Foodbank for assistance where she was issued a voucher for her ID. She then found out she needed additional documentation. After two weeks she was finally able to secure an Ohio ID and able to enter a women’s shelter. She came in and thanked the OMJ staff who assisted her and said she was on her way to bringing her son to Cincinnati. She said that without the help of OMJ staff it would not have been possible.

The OhioMeansJobs center strives to assist our consumers in whatever manner we can within the boundaries of our capabilities.  Our generous community partners are there time and again for all people seeking assistance.

by Ashley Woods

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