Patton praised for collaboration effort

Michael Patton

Michael Patton, HCJFS’s chief child support officer, is being praised by the Ohio Child Support Director’s Association Board for his work on software that helped automate processes and save employees time.

As chairman of the group’s metro committee, Patton prioritized the implementation of shared technology. He surveyed the metro counties, identifying tools different counties had developed that others could use.

“Michael was a true visionary in identifying, mobilizing and supporting technology that could be used by counties of all sizes,” said Deborah Watkins, the association’s executive director. “His efforts have directly led to greater efficiencies in counties.”

Patton joined the HCJFS leadership team in 2016. He joined HCJFS in 1993 and held several leadership positions in Child Support, Family and Adult Assistance and Children’s Services Program Support. Most recently he was the Child Support section chief. Patton is connected to many fatherhood initiatives in the community. Patton is a 1993 graduate of the University of Cincinnati.

by Ashley Woods

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