Positive feedback makes our day!

 We received wonderful feedback in an email this week that I would like to share!

“Hello, I couldn’t find anywhere else to submit this feedback but I REALLY wanted to. Hopefully this gets to the right person.

“D. Arlinghaus is the caseworker for my sister. My sister suffers from mental illness and I spend a lot of time trying to make sure she can get her medicine. I have contacted Ms. Arlinghaus several times with many questions and she has been AMAZING. We got my sister’s Medicaid reactivated, which means my sister can get her medication.

“I know that a lot of times, what you guys do is a thankless and endless job. But I want you to know that I deeply appreciate you being so prompt, kind, and efficient with what you do. It affects our family in ways you do not see.”

The email talks about the great work Danielle Arlinghaus, eligibility technician, did for a family she was serving. It not only highlights Danielle’s work, but is serves as an example of the many wonderful things happening within our building on a daily basis.

We help our community residents every day! We help people in this community get medical care, access food, pay their rent and utilities and afford child care. We protect children and the elderly. We assist employers in finding and training employees, and we help the unemployed secure jobs. We make sure children receive the financial support they need to meet their basic needs.

We estimate 500,000 of the county’s 800,000 residents receive assistance from our agency in any given year. We have a wide and deep reach into our community from 222 E. Central Parkway.

We are fortunate to have 900 employees who are dedicated to their job, this agency, their community and, most of all, the consumers who need our help. We try to recognize those who go above and beyond. We have a quarterly ROCK STAR contest, where employees receive recognition from their peers for outstanding work. We hold a lunch and rally every year to celebrate good work. We enter outstanding employees in our county Circle of Excellence competition; a team of employees won this year for an effort to help food assistance recipients train to be truck drivers and move into jobs making more than $40,000 a year.

But emails such as the one I highlighted above really hit home. They come from the heart and they speak to how the every-day work – not necessarily going above and beyond, but simply doing your job – has a huge effect on people’s lives. They show what this agency means to this community.

Thank you for saying “thanks” every now and then. It means a great deal!

by Jane Prendergast

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