How often are KPI payments received? There is one payment per child issued for each approved application.

How often can you reapply for payments? Payments can only be applied for every six months, therefore there will need to be six months in between each application.

Will I qualify for KPI if I only have temporary custody? KPI is only for families who have legal custody or legal guardianship (granted through court). Temporary, Ex Parte and Emergency custody do not qualify for KPI program.

Will my income count with the KPI program? Yes income will count and can’t exceed the 300% FPL.

Is KPI received as long as the child is a minor? KPI is time limited and each child can only receive up to eight payments. If the child is 18yrs of age and has not exhausted all payments he/she must be enrolled in a secondary school full-time and can receive benefits up until the age of 19.

I reside in Ohio but I do not live in Hamilton Co and legal custody of the child was granted in Hamilton Co where do I apply? You will need to apply in the county in which you reside.

If I live outside the State of Ohio and was granted legal custody of the child in Hamilton Co do I qualify for KPI benefits? KPI is only for residents of Ohio. Please check the state you live in regarding Kinship benefits.

Is KPI the same as OWF (i.e. cash assistance)? KPI is Kinship Permanency Incentive and is a time limited incentive to help support children in the homes of families and friends who are committed to caring for them.
OWF is Ohio Works First is a cash assistance program that provides monthly benefits that helps support children in homes of families and friends as long as the child is a minor