Strategy resulting in a better JFS

It is a new day at Job and Family Services.

Change won’t occur overnight, but, make no mistake about it, change is underway. The JFS our staff and our consumers know now is evolving into a stronger, better organization.

We have three pillars of strategy we are pursuing over the next few years – branding, customer service and equity, diversity and inclusion. These are all aimed at changing the culture of JFS and making it a more inviting, friendly and helpful place for employees and consumers.

While some results of these efforts are already evident or will be coming soon, I stress that culture evolves overtime. Successfully changing actions, beliefs and attitudes will take substantial time, effort and resources.

This I can assure you: We are matching strategy to culture. We are studying our strengths and weaknesses with the idea of capitalizing on our strengths and shoring up our weaknesses. We are intent on honoring the strong history JFS has played as a key resource in this community, but we committed to taking that work to a new level.

What is in it for you?

If you are an employee, you can be proud to work at a vibrant, committed organization dedicated to helping nearly half a million people a year reach a better place in life. You are part of a trusted support system, the most holistic offering of resources in this community that service critical needs of children and families. You are doing work that changes lives.

If you are a customer, you are encountering an organization that, whether through direct services or leveraging partnerships, is a bridge to better tomorrow. You will find JFS is the center of a network of resources designed and dedicated to doing everything possible to remove barriers and offer opportunities that lead you to a better tomorrow.

Everyone needs help at some time in their life. Sometimes that support comes from the people closest to you, but sometimes you need more. Sometimes you need JFS.

Our three pillars of strategy will ensure we are there to answer the call with respect, compassion and excellence.

Change is an emotional event. This is a journey that takes courage and hard work. JFS employees are engaged in three rather large initiatives. This can be overwhelming and it can be a rollercoaster, sometimes slipping back, other times progressing forward. We can expect both to happen as we travel down this road.

I challenge staff to remain professional and stay productive throughout the process, and, wherever comfortable, be proactive in embracing change. What are some critical shifts in behavior that we can do right away that help us achieve our culture goals? What are we doing well and how can we do more of it? Please feel free to reach out to any member of the teams leading these efforts – we want you to be involved. Be the change that you want to see.

I hope everyone is already seeing change. A more helpful voice on the phone. A friendlier face in the lobby. A pat on the back from a co-worker. Soon, a vibrant new logo. Later, fresh, colorful paint, more inviting lobbies and a more comfortable work environment.

But for those who are inpatient, I assure you the wheels are turning and dedicated teams are working on each of these three initiatives. The work will have its ups and downs, but, ultimately, you will see the change you desire.

A new day and a new JFS. 

by Jane Prendergast

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