Two JFS Employees Honored for Their Work

I am happy to announce two JFS employees have been named Hamilton County Employees of the Year! They are perfect representatives of all the great workers we have here at JFS.

One is extremely close to me in that she serves as my administrative assistant. She won in the Administrative/Clerical Support category. Kim is highly professional, extremely patient and forward-thinking every day in her role. She maintains a good working relationship with both staff and staff under the Board of County Commissioners. They often comment on how much they value her assistance.

I can always count on her to be one step ahead. If I mention an idea in a meeting, she takes steps to implement it.  She has also volunteered several times to take on extra work, including answering calls for our Call Center when wait times are high or processing faxes to help eliminate a fax backlog.

The second winner is Brian Frondorf, our Information Services leader. He was chosen in the Leadership Category.

Brian keeps a “Way-to-Go” board which recognizes members of his staff for good work.  He also has many team building activities in his group. And he won’t ask his people to do anything he won’t do.

One example of his leadership? He sent an email to his staff asking for volunteers to work the weekend shift and more than 85 percent of his staff volunteered. That is a perfect example of the respect his team has for him.

I am extremely proud of these two and all of the JFS employees who are dedicated to their job and work hard every day to ensure the residents of this county receive the assistance they need.

by Jim Tinker

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