Two wonderful — but challenging — years

My second anniversary as director, July 1, passed quickly. I was so caught up in anticipating the state budget and determining what it would mean for us that I did not get a chance to post something I have been meaning to say.

While the past two years have been challenging, they have been incredibly rewarding. I am fortunate to work with so many people who work hard, adapt very quickly to change and put the needs of the citizens first. We have been through a lot the past two years at JFS and I cannot thank employees enough for rallying to the cause, putting their personal concerns aside and making sure we do our best for this countys most vulnerable residents.

I have also had the pleasure of working with many others in the social service community who have strongly responded to the economic challenges hitting our community. We are fortunate to live in a place where everyone pulls together in a crisis, determined to leave no one behind. Thank you to our many providers for their understanding and support.

And thank you to County Administrator Patrick Thompson and County Commissioners Todd Portune, David Pepper and Greg Hartmann for their leadership and advice. They are determined that our JFS be seen as one of the best in the state and a rock for the citizens of Hamilton County to lean on in times of trouble. They have provided leadership and support to ensure we are doing more with less.

I am extremely grateful for my two years as director and the work we have done. We are an agency that helps, and this is a time when we are very much needed. I look forward to many more years of being here to serve the citizens of Hamilton County.

by Jim Tinker

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