Veteran attorney joins HCJFS executive team

Hamilton County Job and Family Services recently hired a veteran attorney to join its executive team and lead customer service improvement efforts.

Talia Bryan, customer complaint resolution administrator, will help ensure the agency is responsive to consumers and properly addresses complaints. She will root out trends in casework and consumer feedback to identify system improvements – all with an emphasis on equity and inclusion.

Bryan has deep experience in child protection and policy analysis, but her work will be agency wide. The job description is extensive, including investigating complaints brought against the agency, identifying protocols that are in place or need to be, and watching trends specific to cultural humility.

“We do a lot of great work in this agency, but sometimes that great work can get overshadowed with just one bad experience,” said HCJFS Director Moira Weir. “I want a system that is responsive – even if you don’t agree with a decision we make, I want you to walk away feeling were responsive and considered all you had to say. But this is about more than individual complaints – this is about looking at our program areas, our processes and our procedures and determining how we can be more responsive to the communities and people we serve.”

Bryan’s first step is to hear Children’s Services dispositional hearings. Through those, she’ll study findings and pinpoint casework trends.
“I’m looking forward to being a part of a team of people who are making a difference,” she said. “I want to see what’s out there and how we can make improvements. I want to share what we’re doing well.”

by Ashley Woods

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