Webinar Followup

If you are interested in learning about the sanction process for public assistance recipients who do not meet work requirements or the topic of warning signs to look for when choosing a caretaker for your child, we have a deal for you!

The information is available in two half-hour webinars we recorded over the past two weeks. The first gives our consumers, and those who work with them, a better understanding of the consequences of not fulfilling self-sufficiency contracts while receiving cash assistance from the agency.

The second details warning signs for single parents and those who support them to look for when deciding who is an appropriate caregiver for their children.

Webinars are a consumer-friendly way of reaching people where they are and educating key audiences about some of the important topics we tackle on a daily basis at JFS. If you are interested in viewing them, please follow the link below:


by Jim Tinker

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