HCJFS employees named ROCK STARs!

Three HCJFS employees have been named winners of the agency’s ROCK STAR employee appreciation awards in the first quarter of 2018.

The three winners, chosen from a list of 10 nominees, are:

  • Tracey Cottrell, an eligibility technician in Transportation Services, in the Remarkable Single Acts category
  • Dalieidys Amador, an eligibility technician in Performance Improvement, in the Sustained Excellence category
  • David Wittenauer, a training specialist in Quality Assurance, in the Outstanding Ongoing Acts of Sacrifice

There were no nominees in the Innovative Ideas category.

Winners were nominated by their coworkers and chosen by the agency’s Employee Appreciation/Retention Committee. Employees recognized are Reliable, Outstanding, Creative and Knowledgeable employees who excel in Satisfaction, Teamwork, Attendance and Representing the agency in a positive light. They are ROCK STARs!

Tracey Cottrell

Cottrell was recognized for stepping into a speaker’s role when someone else needed backup: “Ms. Cottrell sacrificed a good portion of her day to fill in for a speaker who was unable to make it due to a last minute scheduling change. She so graciously agreed to do this talk for us. That is the great part because we were asking her to do a lot. Not only did she agree, but she did some research and was well prepared to answer questions. Tracey waited patiently when the schedule ran behind despite knowing she had to return to her growing workload. Ms. Cottrell handled the speaking engagement like a seasoned professional. Her message was very well received and all were very appreciative. Her message to this group will help us make the agency a better place for employees and families alike. Thank you Tracey again for helping out in a pinch. You did an excellent job and we are truly grateful.”

Dalieidys Amador

Amador stood out for her help with translation: “Dali is one of very few bilingual individuals in this building and she is always on the front lines with the questions. Dali makes the work for her fellow colleagues far less complicated. Whenever there is a complaint or an argumentative individual, she takes the bull by the horns. She constantly goes above and beyond. Even when she is at lunch or on break, she gladly helps by translating or assisting consumers in other ways. She is very knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to remain informed. I want to thank Dali for always being a warrior and going above and beyond every day.”

David Wittenauer

Wittenauer was called out for his continued services to Children’s Services staff: “I am nominating David for sustained excellence in serving Children’s Services as an internal customer. David provides technical training and support to Children’s Services staff and managers. He is very keen to offer and deliver assistance, particularly in SACIWS, but with any technical tools. Having been a Children’s Services worker for many years, he appreciates what an important and challenging role case workers perform. This motivates him to look for ways to offer support. Every year, I receive messages from managers or workers noting his contribution and their gratitude.

“David’s attitude toward our work and our staff is extremely positive, and his attitude further distinguishes his contribution. He increasingly takes on new responsibilities and he makes time and adjusts when priorities change or if help is needed. Most recently, he was acknowledged by Suzy Cuthbert for assisting her: “Dave Wittenauer played a key role in helping us identify exactly where this case needed to be and helped to ensure a smooth transition.” When she continued to encounter barriers, she asked for Dave to help again and credits him for saving the day working with another county. Our program managers are always generous and grateful for assistance and expect excellent service. I just notice lately how often I hear that David is the subject of a gracious email or note and I recognize that his approach to public service and devotion to helping us all do a better job are worthy of special recognition.”

Other nominees included:
• Kimberly Johnson-Wharton, a Children’s Services worker
• Tina Smith, an eligibility technician in Performance Improvement
• Crystal Young, an eligibility technician in Performance Improvement
• Janice Barr, an attorney in Child Support
• Tawnya Carpenter, an employment services technician at OhioMeansJobs
• Darci Smith, a manager in Utilization Management
• Tamiko Coleman, an eligibility technician in Family and Adult Assistance
• Ebony White, a Children’s Services worker

The ROCK STAR program is designed to recognize employees who go above and beyond and really stand out for the service they provide their fellow employees and agency customers.


by Ashley Woods

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