Each year, approximately 1.5 million children are the victims of abuse and neglect in the United States. More than four times that number – 6.6 million children – are reported victims, but investigations do not yield enough proof of abuse or neglect. Amazingly, even more abuse and neglect goes unreported. Studies show that only one in 10 incidents of abuse is actually confirmed by social service agencies. Millions of cases are going unreported. Report concerns by calling 513-241-5437 (241-KIDS).



Look For These Signs

Be aware of the signs that a child is in danger. If you encounter a child through your professional or personal life who exhibits any of the following signs, report it to Children’s Services and let the professionals use their expertise to screen the circumstances. Report concerns by calling 513-241-5437 (241-KIDS).

 Has unexplained burns, bites, bruises, broken bones or black eyes.

 Shows sudden changes in behavior or school performance.

 Is extremely compliant or extremely aggressive.

 Acts either inappropriately adult (taking care of other children) or inappropriately infantile (rocking, thumb-sucking, tantrums).

 Seems frightened of the parents and protests or cries when it is time to go home.

 Shrinks at the approach of adults.

 Would rather spend time with a stranger than their parent or caregiver.

 Is frequently absent from school.

 Begs or steals food or money.

 Lacks needed medical or dental care, immunizations, or glasses.

 Is consistently dirty and has severe body odor.

Best advice:

Do Ask yourself if you have concerns.

Do Tell Children’s Services if you do.

Report concerns by calling 513-241-5437 (241-KIDS).