The FAMILY Fund (Friends and Advocates Making Investments in Local Youth) will provide financial support to make it easier for youth who have or will soon emancipate from Hamilton County to attend education and training opportunities that lead to viable occupations and careers.

New Educational Grant Program

The FAMILY Fund board is pleased to announce a grant program designed to support foster youth with financial grants for postsecondary education.

Applicants who meet the following qualifications
will be considered:

1. You have or will emancipate from Hamilton County, Ohio on or after your 18th birthday;

2. You are currently between the ages of 16 and 26 years old;

3. You have been accepted into or are enrolled in a degree, certificate, or other accredited program at a college or university that provides transferable credits;


You have been accepted into or are enrolled in an apprenticeship, military, or other job training program that has been approved by the FAMILY Fund Grants Committee.

Grants awarded to students pursuing a postsecondary program eligible for Title IV financial aid will be based on need and merit. Applicants for those grants are eligible for one grant per calendar year and may apply during July or November. Other grants are available to eligible students one time with an application that is open all year.

FAMILY Fund Grants can be applied towards tuition and other expenditures related to postsecondary education and training
including (but not limited to) a 2- or 4- year college, vocational and trade training, skill-based certificate training, preparation for military service, and unpaid job internships or apprenticeships. In addition to tuition, grants can be applied to other expenses needed to engage in postsecondary education such as books, computers, assistance to complete financial aid applications, bus passes to get to internships, internet connections for online classes, etc.


Other Funding Sources

You may need to submit the federal FAFSA form or apply for Ohio ETV funding to be eligible for a FAMILY Fund grant. More information is available in the FAMILY Fund Grant Program FAQs.



If you are interested in being considered for a FAMILY Fund grant, click the learn more button and fill out the inquiry form. A JFS Program Specialist will provide information about the grant that best suits your needs and our application process.

Or you can contact a JFS Program Specialist at 



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