JFS is a great place to work. Join us!

Join the 800 employees who comprise Hamilton County’s largest agency. We offer work-from-home opportunities and plenty of room to move up into leadership roles. From PC technicians to social workers and financial experts, we have a wide range of jobs. Our benefits package is generous.

We’re focused on customer service and always working to be more equitable. We’re looking for people who see community service as important to their job satisfaction. Help continue the work we’ve done in Hamilton County for 75 years. 


Child Support


Child Support Technician (IP Technician) Paternity and Support (2843-12)


Children’s Services (see more)

Administrative Assistant (Administrative Program Specialist) (3689-12)

Children’s Services Worker (Child Adoption Worker) 3723-12

Children’s Services Worker (Children’s Services Caseworker) (3594-12) Multiple Vacancies

Children’s Services Worker (ICPC Worker) (3669-12)

Children’s Services Worker (Intake Worker After Hours) (3345-12)

Children’s Services Worker (Intake Worker After Hours) (3581-12) Part-time Position – 4 vacancies

Children’s Services Worker (Kinship Coordinator) 3650-12

Children’s Services Worker (Ohio START Caseworker) (3500-12)

Children’s Services Worker (Present Danger Response Caseworker) (3441-12)

Children’s Service Worker (Child Specific Recruiter – PART TIME) (3582-12)

Children’s Services Worker (Child Specific Recruiter) (3667-12)

Children’s Services Worker (Educational Specialist Worker) (3649-12)

Children’s Services Worker (Intake Worker – Day Hours) (3740-12) – 4 vacancies

CHS Facilitator 2 (Staffing Facilitator) (3688-12)

Executive Assistant (Executive Assistant) (3729-12)

Social Program Specialist (Program Specialist) Part-time (3544-12)

Social Program Specialist / Utilization Management Coordinator – (3724-12)


Economic Sustainability

Eligibility Technician (Eligibility Technician) (1384-12)

Eligibility Technician (LEP Eligibility Technician) (3658-12)

Eligibility Technician (PRC Eligibility Technician) (3389-12)

Employment Services Technician (Employment Services Technician) (3681-12)

Executive Assistant (Executive Assistant) (3739-12)

Social Services Worker 3 (Career Coach) (3736-12)


Finance & Operational Support

Applications Analyst 2 (Applications Programmer) (3730-12)

Children’s Services Benefits Determiner (Benefits Determiner) (3720-12)

Fiscal Analyst (Fiscal Analyst) (3705-12)