First steps, first smiles, first words ... all worth it!

We've teamed up with Cradle Cincinnati to bring attention to Safe Sleep and why it's worth it!

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Rent & Utility Help:
Avoid Eviction!

Eviction Can Be Avoided

We have access to federal funding that can pay for up to twelve (12) months of past-due rent and utilities and pay for up to three future months.

Please send us an email at We are eager to work with you to quickly set up a custom solution based on your circumstances.

Rent and Utility Help

Supporting Families and Changing Lives

We are here to help Hamilton County families and children to a better place in life. We work hard today so they can have better tomorrows.


We provide a wide breadth of services.

We can help with food, cash and medical assistance; publicly funded child care; child and adult protection; child support case management; and employment assistance.

Search Services

Serving the Hamilton County community.

If you have concerns about how your case is being handled or you are confused about our policies, we are here to help you.

Client Rights

Gain momentum towards a brighter future.

Here's a way to help foster children make college visits, provide toiletries or toys to abused children and aid low-income families with needs beyond job assistance, food and medical care.

Make A Donation

Finding the right path can be difficult, but we can help you find your way.