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The Fatherhood Collaborative annually honors The Esteemed Seven, men representing outstanding commitment as fathers and in their communities and professions.




The 2023 Esteemed 7 (from left to right):

Ross Dupree, Roberto Madaris, Luis Villagrana, Monte Barnett, Jarelle Redden, Eric Radamacher and John Forde.



To support healthy children and families by sustaining a network devoted to the needs and aspirations of fathers. 


A community that openly and enthusiastically supports fathers as unique assets to thriving children, families and communities.

The Fatherhood Collaborative of Hamilton County is open to individuals, programs, institutions, agencies and businesses that have an interest in the well being of fathers and their children in Hamilton County. To us, “father” means biological, adoptive, foster, stepfather, grandfather and any man playing a caretaker role in the life of a child or children.

“The closer the connection between father and child, the better off they both are now and in the future.” – Kyle Pruett, M. D., author of “Fatherneed: Why Father Care is as Essential as Mother Care for Your Child”