Cash Assistance (Ohio Works First)

  • Cash assistance is a federal program providing a fixed monthly check to the kinship provider.
  • Kinship caregivers may apply for cash assistance for the child or sibling group in their care.
  • Your income and assets will not be considered when determining eligibility for child-only cash assistance. However, if you have little or no income, you can apply as a family.
  • Child-only OWF payments are paid on a sliding scale based on the size of the sibling group.
  • You must be a blood relative in order to receive child-only OWF.
  • Non-relative kinship caregivers are not eligible unless they take legal custody and become the child’s guardian.
  • You can apply online here. Or print out the application packet here. The completed packet needs to be mailed back to the agency in the postage paid envelope.

by Ashley Woods