Foster Parents, don’t forget about our photo tool

Foster parents and kinship parents: Don’t forget that JFS has a tool to collect pictures of children so we can document their life in life books. The tool provides a safe and secure way for you to upload photos that will attach directly to the child’s case.

As a hero on the front line caring for the most vulnerable children, you already do so much.

In addition to providing the essentials, you offer the displaced their own sense of space, a harbor in the storm. Your impact goes well beyond the weeks, months, and even years you open your hearts and home. Your investment goes deeper than their physical well-being as well. When you help a foster child understand their story and their value, they have a better chance of building a future with more hope than hurt.

Please take a few minutes to provide photos of the child or children in your care here. We have designed the process to be quick and convenient. The photos you upload will be used in the creation of personalized life books that are both required by law and useful for telling each child’s special story.

Thanks again for all that you do. As a photo is worth a thousand words, your care and concern are priceless.

by Ashley Woods

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