Gov. Kasich Chooses HCJFS for Speech About Service Coordination

Ohio Gov. John Kasich stopped by the Hamilton County Department of Job and Family Services on Tuesday afternoon to talk about his Blueprint for A New Ohio, his plan to bring more coordination to social service delivery in the state.

Hamilton County is one of few counties in the state that handles so many aspects of helping people to self-sufficiency, including child support, child and adult protection, cash and food assistance and job training.kasich2

“We don’t need separate this and that,” Kasich said in a speech before local service providers, including representatives of Talbert House, Hamilton County Community Action Agency, Easter Seals and the Cincinnati Chamber. “Are you kidding me?”

A “360 approach” will be more beneficial to clients, he said, and more cost-efficient for taxpayers.

Doug Lumpkin, former director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, is Kasich’s director of human services innovation. He highlighted HCJFS’ work, as did Commissioner Greg Hartmann.

“We’re not messing around,” Kasich said. “The days of silo welfare treatment in this state have got to come to an end.”










by Jane Prendergast

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