HCJFS Continues to Serve Record Numbers

Director Moira WeirEarlier this month, I wrote about adaptability in the monthly Update column. I want to highlight the following statistics, which I think are particularly compelling:

The number of Medicaid consumers we served in 2012 (178,000) is 40 percent higher than in 2007 (127,000) when we were at full staffing levels. The number of food assistance consumers is even more striking. In 2012 we served 135,000 individuals needing food assistance. That is nearly 90 percent higher than in 2007 when we served 72,000. And unfortunately, the numbers don’t show any sign of slowing.

We continue to do more with less and with the proposed Medicaid expansion, this will only be more important.

I encourage you to read the column here: https://www.hcjfs.org/UpdateNew2013/March/Letter.htm

by Jim Tinker

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