Ohio Means Jobs employee earns county recognition

Brandy Scott-Herman

Brandy Scott-Herman, a career coach supervisor at OhioMeansJobs, just won a Hamilton County Circle of Excellence award for Outstanding Service.

Here is part of her nomination:

“Brandy Scott-Herman guided and grew a program in 2019 that literally helped thousands of Hamilton County residents to a better place in life. 

This is what one resident wrote after Scott-Herman’s Prevention, Retention and Contingency (PRC) program helped her with car repairs – allowing her to take on more work hours. 

“Your program is an answer to my prayers.  With the good tires and brakes, I will be able to approach Amazon for the flexible employment for the hours I have available that they have offered.  And not have the worry of wrecking the car.  I was referred to you by my worker at Easter Seals.  I am humbled by your blessings.  Thank YOU from my family and myself!!!” 

This is just one of thousands helped by the PRC program, which helps Hamilton County residents stay out of the public assistance program (Prevention), obtain or keep a job (Retention) or address a one-time emergency need (Contingency). 

Scott-Herman led efforts to help pregnant and new mothers obtain car seats or breast pumps, homeless families secure beds and other furniture when they leave shelter, would-be nurses afford tuition and transportation assistance so they can follow their dreams, struggling families pay rent or utilities so they don’t end up homeless, and, of course, worried employees who need car repairs or other job supports to stay employed or increase their employment opportunities. 

Under Scott-Herman’s leadership, the program grew over a two-year period from spending $6,000 per month to help people in difficult situations to spending $93,000 per month. She expanded the number of people being helped, and the amount of money spent,  by: 

  • Changing PRC policies to be more inclusive
  • Adding community referral partners
  • Increasing the number of staff available to help community residents
  • Streamlining workflow processes
  • Leveraging technology to increase efficiency 

Scott-Herman led an extraordinary group of staff to guide this program to a new level. They know how important that one-time help can be to a new mother who doesn’t have a car seat to keep her baby safe, a working father worried his family will end up seeking public assistance because his car isn’t reliable enough to make it to work, or a struggling family facing eviction or the loss of heat and electricity. No matter the challenge, Scott-Herman is determined to live the Job and Family Services’ mission of helping them today for a better tomorrow.”

Other winners: Brad Miller, assistant director of Environmental Services, for professional achievement; Mary Sticklen, a business specialist with Environmental Services for Rookie of the Year; Probation Officer Shannon Thompson, County Hero; and for Team Impact – John Nelson, Joy Landry, Michelle Balz, Susan Schumacher and Brad Johnson with the Soil & Water Conservation District.

by Ashley Woods

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