Kinship Permanency Incentive

The benefits for kinship caregivers include a maximum of eight payments. The first payment is $525 per child, followed by $300 payments per child every six months for the next seven payments. The maximum payment is $2,625 within a 48-month time period.

Caregivers must reapply every six months for each payment; The Kinship Permanency Incentive check is not received monthly, only one payment every 6 months, upon approval. Payments are contingent on the availability of state funds.

Eligibility Criteria 

All criteria must be met before submitting an application.

  • Legal guardianship/custody was granted to a kinship caregiver on or after 7/1/05.
  • Caregiver must have an approved home assessment, conducted by JFS.
  • All adults 18 to 21 years old must be fingerprinted.
  • All members of the household age 12 or older must have a juvenile background check.
  • The kinship caregiver’s gross household income does not exceed 300% of the 2019 federal poverty level. (See chart)
  • The kinship caregiver is a resident of the State of Ohio and county of application.
  • All income must be reported and proof of income must be submitted.
Family Size300%/Mo.
Each Additional Person$13,440$1,120


KPI Application     KPI Brochure     KPI Application (Spanish)


by Ashley Woods